We do custom made tables!

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This is what we do:
  • Design and create specifically for you

  • We make each and every item by hand in Adelaide...we use local aged timber

  • Each piece is a "one off" and unique to us

What do you need from us to make your decision easier ?

Please pick up the phone and ring us 8363 9492 or send us your thoughts in the form provided below:


Always with an eye for special pieces which are “left of centre”, we try to create an individual look – whether it be an old punching bag, or a life size porcelain horses head, or camel bone harlequin patterned balls. Whenever we can, we love variety, such as a clock made with an aeroplane propeller. We have turned a carpenter’s toolbox into a cocktail cabinet – replete with tools. Fun and funky!
Bi-Fold-Large-Cabinet-0001 Bookcase-0001
Crack-Willow-3-Seater-Linen-.Stone Slab-Coffee-Table-Brushed-Steel
Cafe-Chairs-0001 Chairs-0001-2
Aviator-Turbine-Round-Footstool-Destroyed-Raw Regatta-Wing-Chair-Eaton-Dusty-&-Eaton-Ticking
Chairs-0001 Garden-Setting-Cast-Iron-0001
Mars-Chair-Old-Saddle-Nut-(2) Mars-Armchair-Old-Saddle-Black-with-Black-Steel-Arms
Heavy-steel-side-table-0002 horse-heads-0001-2
Bensington-1-Seater-Vintage-Velvet-Patchwork-Boheme Blackhawk-Square-Side-Table
Iron -Mirror-0001 Iron-4-door-Sideboard-0001
Fridgey-1-Door-Left-Hand-Cupboard-Spitfire Fridgey-1-Door-Right-Hand-Cupboard-Spitfire
Iron-Bound-Cupboard-0001 Iron-clock-0001
Fridgey-2-Door-Cupboard-Spitfire Fridgey-3-Door-Entertainment-Unit-Spitfire
Iron-Pigeon-holes-0001 Iron-Timber-Kitchen-Island-0001
Iron-Tv-Unit-0001 Mobile-Iron-Trolley-0001
Nickel-Seating-0001 Pair-temple-Horses-0001
Rocking-Horse-0001 Side-Board-0001
HG-Concerto-3-seater-Vintage-Moleskin-Graphite Regatta-Wing-Chair-Original-Fleet
Sideboard-and-sign-0001 spitfire-coffee-table
Aviator-Tom-Cat-chair-Destroyed-Raw-&-Spitfire Stonyhurst-Large-Coffee-Spitfire
stone-iron-hall-table-0001 Stone-Iron-Shelving-0001
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